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What distinguishes Shadowbrook from other firms is the Wealth & Legacy Strategy

Shadowbrook provides Fiduciary Fee-Only Guidance to Clients.

Our Approach

An Institutional Mindset

We implement an Institutional Approach to managing Client Wealth. Viewing your goals from a multi-generational perspective allows us to help clients create and work towards their most ambitious goals.


Our Values


The basis for all of our activities.  When dealing with something as precious as our client's wealth nothing short of the truth can be demanded.


Consistency in client service and investment management is critical, especially during periods of extreme volatility. All of our relationships are guided by a proven method that is adapted to their individual needs. 


We believe that crafting a thoughtful Purpose for ourselves and our loved ones creates a life that is both successful and fulfilled. One of the main questions for us is always "What's the Purpose of our wealth?".

Our Standards:

Shadowbrook Clients Enjoy

Our Mission:

"To manage your wealth with the diligence & vision with which we manage our own"

We care for the wealth of our clients with the values and standards that we would want someone to employ when guarding our family’s wealth.  In times of extreme volatility our investment discipline is what anchors us.

At Shadowbrook, our mission is to serve individuals that view their wealth as a means to a greater Purpose. We serve families and corporations that desire a deeper understanding of their financial opportunities in order to create a lasting impact in society through their Wealth & Legacy.


Our Process:

Developed over 10 years, we have created a process that we are confident will assist you in developing and achieving your most ambitious goals.  Elegant yet effective, our process is broken down into simple steps that ensure a comprehensive strategy is set into motion upon implementation.

Our Capabilities:

We are proud to offer a full suite of comprehensive investment solutions for the most complex financial challenges faced by Families and Institutions. By partnering with Charles Schwab & Co. we offer clients the ability to access a wide array of financial instruments across global capital markets allowing us to build customized portfolios to address the most demanding of needs.


Our Insights:

We believe that a quantitative and rational approach to investment management is key to achieving your objectives. Please enjoy our timely research and educational content, in our experience it leads to wiser choices and better financial outcomes.

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